How we provide you the best experience possible    

Required before we begin a Distance Bengston session:
  1. Full name, address and a recent photo (JPEG) within the last month
  2. A detailed description of your most recent diagnosis (medical records not needed).  
  3. Practices, medications, and treatments undertaken (current and historical)
  4. Your willingness to participate in your own healing with a technique called “image cycling.”  Instructions will be provided when the first treatment schedule is scheduled.

UPLIFTED HUMAN will work with you to create an appropriate schedule for your sessions. Our process ensures our team is able to review your information. This also provides you an opportunity to review the "Image Cycling" technique, giving you the best opportunity to achieve your desired outcome.

Session logistics, once the schedule has been confirmed
  1. At the time of your distance session, please get into a comfortable position, lying down in bed, and be ready to receive the energy. You are very likely to fall asleep shortly after the session begins.  Depending on how energy-sensitive you are, you may or may not feel the energy moving in you.
  2. A typical distance session does not involve a live Zoom or phone call, because the energy is not “sent by phone.”  Please read the "The Science Behind Distance Healing" towards the bottom of this page for a deeper understanding.
  3. Two days after each treatment, we ask you to email us at [email protected] and let us know how you are feeling.  
  4. In your response, describe any physical, mental and emotional changes (however subtle they may be), exactly two days (48 hours) following the treatment.

We request that all communication during the course of sessions, including updates, questions and responses, be via email so that we can track progress and other documentation in writing. Supplemental conversations can be scheduled, as needed.

Evaluating progress

After we have completed four sessions, we will assess your response to the treatments. If there are no changes whatsoever after four sessions, this may not be a suitable therapy for you at this time. If any changes occur, you are encouraged to continue with four more sessions.

Recognize the average course of treatment is eight sessions and some conditions require many more.

Payment terms and conditions

Payment is not requested until your schedule is confirmed. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED for sessions and packages after they are purchased.

Why we adopt these practices

Vernon and Phil adopt a mindset of a scientist, so we can better understand how the Bengston Method can help you achieve your desired outcomes. The rigor we adopt helps us advance the research and practical application of the Bengston Method. By working with us, we collectively have an opportunity to contribute to something much bigger than our individual selves. 

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The Science Behind Distance Healing

The Reiki Times, Vol. 13, Autumn Issue, 2009

by Bernadette Doran, BS, RMT

Bernadette Doran eloquently articulates, in laymen's language, how distance healing occurs. Although the article focuses on Reiki therapy, the principles apply to all energy-based therapies. Highly recommended read for those who seek language and a framework to understand the how and why. Click on the PDF image to view and download.

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UPLIFTED HUMAN offers innovative energy-based therapies intended for stress reduction. Practitioners do not diagnose health conditions, nor do they perform medical treatments, prescribe medical drugs, or interfere with the treatment of licensed medical professionals. These services support but do not replace or substitute for services provided by medical professionals. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or other licensed medical professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.