I’m Vernon, and I’m the Founder of UPLIFTED HUMAN. I created this platform because I never felt that modern education fully prepared me for the real-world. Modern education simply doesn’t teach us all the skills to enjoy a better quality of life. A better quality of life is a common goal we all share, regardless of our backgrounds.  

I believe there are clear opportunities to uplift our human experience, but only if we embody specific values that I feel are fundamental to becoming an UPLIFTED HUMAN. We must also be willing to question and re-examine the cultural and societal conventions that shape our worldview. If you have a mindset of a scientist, the heart of a rebel, and the wonder of a child, we can achieve things together you might think are impossible.

Come join me and our team on this journey, and let’s unlock your potential together!

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Your well-being

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Your self worth

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Your whole mind

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Let's uplift your well-being

Our current healthcare system does not adequately cover the full spectrum of healing. 

We must expand our health/well-being toolkit.

Healthcare costs and chronic disease continue to rise. COVID-19 has heightened physical, mental, and emotional health challenges. As we’ve observed, our current healthcare and educational systems are ill-equipped to navigate these existing problems.   

Whole person healing, including mind-body and subtle energy/biofield approaches, have been marginalized in favor of materialist approaches involving drugs with negative side effects and physically invasive surgeries. While these materialist approaches have extended human life, they haven’t always improved quality of life. 

At UPLIFTED HUMAN, we seek to advance whole person healing in order to improve quality of life, not just extend it. Whole person healing requires strong emotional and energy literacy, critical skills not prioritized in modern education. These learning gaps need to be filled, and we intend to narrow those gaps best we can.    

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Let's uplift your self-worth

Our modern educational system favors standardized test assessments. While valuable, we are overly reliant on them. No quantitative assessment can truly define the unique talents and gifts each of us contributes to this world. 

We must see ourselves holistically.

Throughout our lives, we are bombarded with standardized assessments. From timed IQ tests, SATs, ACTs, Myers-Briggs, Strengthsfinder, and countless others, we are given scores and assigned labels that fail to capture our true essence. These assessments can sometimes be helpful when used in an appropriate context.

However, we de-value people when we assign them to a narrowly defined reality box. Studies have shown that people live up to the expectations we establish for them. In fact, the Pygmalion effect has empirically demonstrated that teacher expectations influence student performance.

At UPLIFTED HUMAN, our primary expectation for you is to rediscover and integrate all the parts of yourself that you’ve sought to reconcile. No longer will you feel like you’re living a fragmented or double life, but we strive to truly “see” you -- for who you really are. As you discover your true self-worth, you’ll be able to uplift others in ways only you can.    

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Let's uplift your whole mind

Businesses continue to cut costs by outsourcing and automating job functions previously handled by humans. Failure to adapt and develop relevant skills in today’s economic climate threaten our ability to provide us the security to achieve self-realization.

We must develop “A Whole New Mind.” 

As social scientist Dan Pink described in his book A Whole New Mind, the economy has shifted from an information economy to a meaning economy.  Unlike the pre-smartphone era, information is everywhere and can be easily and cheaply obtained on-demand. Information itself has little value. Instead, the individuals that provide uplift in today’s economy are the synthesizers, meaning-makers, and storytellers of information. 

The foundational skills to remain relevant in today’s economy require holistic thinking, a developed intuition, emotional and energy literacy, and empathy. Because the modern educational system prioritizes teaching to a standardized test, we don’t develop enough proficiency in these skills.

Think of UPLIFTED HUMAN like a health club to develop a whole new mind. Your future depends on it.  

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Self Awareness

CURIOSITY:  We serve lifelong learners who can adopt an open-mind, the wonder of a child, and the mindset of a scientist

SELF-AWARENESS:  We promote introspection, reflection, analysis, and synthesis in order to grow and evolve

EMPATHY:  We meet people where they are, understanding their experience, perspective, and feelings

CONNECTION: We build a community where people can share personal experiences with like-minded individuals in a safe and non-judgmental space

OWNERSHIP:  We take personal initiative and play an active, rather than a passive role, in our own well-being and development

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