Harness The Energetic Harmonies of the Solar Eclipse with Jana Scalzitti


Recorded on April 9, 2024

*For the most optimal experience, please use headphones or earbuds

Are you prepared to integrate and align with the energies coming during this Solar Eclipse? Are you ready to ride the energy waves with ease and grace, or are you willing to swim against its current?  

It‚Äôs a rare celestial event ‚Äď the next solar eclipse won't take place in North America until 2044. What happens when we allow ourselves to align with the energies of the Solar Eclipse?¬†

The energetic interplay between celestial and physical bodies is a fascinating cosmic dance that has captivated humans for centuries. This interaction holds profound significance - often establishing the foundation for new beginnings.   

What happens when you tune into this rarified energetic field this celestial event establishes?  If you’re feeling uncertain about a specific issue or desire to feel whole, allow the energy to reveal new insights that may not be accessible to you during typical energetic environments.     

Jana will guide you through a meditation along with a specially choreographed sound orchestration that allows you to enter the altered states effortlessly.  In these altered states of consciousness, the physical body is in a state of being where new insights can come flooding in and self-healing can occur.  Allow the sounds and rhythms penetrate the cells of your body and unlock the wisdom it holds for you. Pain cannot exist where energy flows - allow Jana to help you move the energy with the harmonies from her instruments.

$30 to access ~60 minute recording. 

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Sound Healing (Mar 2024) with Jana Scalzitti


Recorded on March 14, 2024

*For the most optimal experience, please use headphones or earbuds

The gong and sound therapy has been used for centuries as a tool for healing.  The benefits of vibrational and sound healing can create: a deep state of relaxation to release stress, calm the nervous system and repair the body.  These vibrations can also help to clear blocks in the body or to achieve heightened clarity.  Sound therapy can balance: the chakras, glandular system and meridians of the body.  Achieving ultimate relaxation can provide clear thoughts and vision in a time when our bodies, minds and spirits crave balance.

Allow the healing sound and vibration of the gong and singing bowls to wash over your body and mind for healing and total relaxation.  Jana's orchestration starts with light breath work and progressive relaxation to prepare the body and mind for a sound bath from the gong and Tibetan singing bowls. 

$30 to access ~60 minute recording. 

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New Discoveries with Stored Healing Energy with Phil Florczak and Vernon Nicolas

Recorded on August 17, 2023

Dr. Bernard Grad of McGill University, known as the Father of Healing Research, demonstrated that energy could be stored in physical material, like cotton.  UPLIFTED HUMAN’s Bengston Energy Healing therapist, Phil Florczak, has recently taken Dr. Grad’s findings to another level.

Phil unearthed new discoveries based on experiments he conducted storing Bengston energy in organic objects, such as unripe green bananas. 13 years ago, Phil held an unripe, green banana in his hands while he was sending it Bengston energy.  Unlike most bananas that turn to mush when they age, the banana instead turned into one rock solid, petrified banana that has remained that way, without any noticeable smell or odor. 

This banana experiment demonstrated that the Bengston Energy is real and that underlying shifts were occurring to change the physical nature of the banana. 

Since this experiment, Phil has been charging raw, sterile cotton with Bengston energy that many have used for ongoing support.  Phil wanted to explore what would happen if he taped raw, sterile cotton to the 13-year-old petrified banana. 

Would the fresh cotton absorb the Bengston energy from the petrified banana?  Could that cotton be used to petrify other fresh, unripe bananas, without Phil ever touching the new bananas?  If so, this would demonstrate the existence of energy transfer and the enduring nature of Bengston energy.

Phil will discuss the results of his experiment with Research Director Vernon Nicolas, where the pictures from Phil’s experiments will be shown and discussed.  We’ll also discuss what this means about the nature of energy and how it can be harnessed on a practical basis.

Access the 65 minute recording below. 

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Grounding Your Light: The Integrative Power of Detox, Proper Nutrition & Conscious Breathwork with Terri Peterson

Recorded on May 2, 2023

Nationally recognized Conscious Breathwork expert Terri Peterson is returning to UPLIFTED HUMAN to share her wisdom around the importance of detox, proper nutrition, and conscious breathwork for optimal health and wellbeing. With her 42 years as a pharmacist and 15 years as a health and breath coach, Terri will share the practical tips and tools she discovered in her own personal quest for optimal health, longevity, and a vibrant, joy filled life.

Some of the topics that will be shared or experienced during this event include:

  • The role minerals play in optimal health & wellbeing
  • Ways to cleanse and detox safely and easily
  • Importance of gut health and how to improve it
  • How to clear mental fog for sharper mental clarity
  • Conscious breathing for optimal health and joy

Terri focuses on both the physical and energetic, providing a balanced point of view that will help ground energetic patterns that promote homeostasis into the physical form.  

How do we optimize our physical bodies to integrate and hold the higher vibrations of light coming onto the planet at this time? How do we embody this light and use it to enhance our skills as practitioners? How can we release the old and make room for the new? 

Learn more about these critical questions and advance your energetic toolbox. Whether you give or receive energy work, these experiences will better align you to the ever-changing earth shifts that impact our health and well-being.

$49 to access the 98 minute recording. 

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Remote Viewing the Kentucky Derby: An Interactive Experiment with Vernon Nicolas

Recorded on April 28, 2023

During the first Saturday of every May, twenty horses gather in Louisville, KY to run what is considered ‚Äúthe most exciting 2 minutes in sports.‚Ä̬† In 2022, a longshot horse ironically named Rich Strike, who only entered the race due to a last-minute dropout, overcame 80-1 odds to win in a thrilling, come-from-behind run.¬†¬† In its 148 years, Rich Strike was the second-biggest longshot to ever win ‚Äď paying $818 for only a $10 win bet.

This session will take participants through a remote viewing protocol that has been applied to horse racing.¬† The purpose of this session is not¬†necessarily identifying the first place horse ‚Äď but to identify the horse that will produce the largest return for a monetary investment. ¬†¬†

Learn some of the fundamental principles of remote viewing that aren’t just applicable to horse racing.  Through some practice targets, you’ll learn the one major trap to avoid when accessing the images and sensations you receive when connecting to a target.  You’ll also learn specific commands to both your conscious and subconscious mind that controlled remote viewers from the US government’s Stargate Program used to great success when describing the target. 

Remote viewing is not a talent, but a skill that anyone can develop.  No matter if you’re a novice or a seasoned remote viewer, we’ll have an opportunity to conduct real-life  experiments that we can ultimately document and analyze.  All participants are required to bring a few blank sheets of paper, a pen, and a sense of curiosity and playfulness.

Experiments will be run on races beyond the Kentucky Derby through the end of August.  If you'd like to participate, there's a one-time fee of $30 and a requirement to watch the video before you can be eligible to participate in any operational sessions. 

$30 to access the 72 minute recording. 

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EVA: Energy, Vibration, and Alignment with Patricia Peters

Recorded on September 18, 2022

As a former dancer and athlete, Patricia Peters learned to integrate ancient wisdom with modern science to thrive in a career where physical and emotional pain was the norm.  Hear her story about how she was able to enjoy an extended career by understanding and leveraging certain principles of energy, overlooked by today’s modern scientists.     

During this interactive lecture, Patricia will share her wisdom about the holy grail of self care – Digital Fasting.  In a world where we’re expected to be ‘always-on’ and connected, learn how to create the micro-habits to truly disconnect from the digital world and replenish our energetic reserves. 

Patricia will also discuss her proprietary EVA-Shifting-Formula™, which she has applied to help women entrepreneurs rediscover joy and a deeper sense of purpose in their careers and relationships.   EVA consists of Energy, Vibration, and Alignment, and she will discuss the ways she bridges these elements together.  

EVA is rooted in ancient wisdom and backed by neuroscience, and it harnesses the power of the higher brain, allowing users to release the hidden blocks embedded in the subconscious.  EVA is designed to save serious seekers years of futile struggle for those wanting to advance their life or business to the next level.   

Currently based in Germany, Patricia brings a grounded approach to energy hygiene that both elevates our potential and uplifts our spirits. Allow Patricia to supercharge your Fall with new energy hygiene practices!    

ABOUT PATRICIA: Patricia is a certified business coach, board certified alternative psychotherapy practitioner, a teacher of Huna Shamanism and former athlete.  She first began applying energetic-mental-training practice in sports in the 1980s. Stunned by its power and potential and by the results she experienced, she adapted it to all areas of life. Patricia has guided more than 2,000 women to release toxic beliefs, limitations and conditionings that have been instilled in women throughout time.

$25 to access the 87 minute recording. 

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Wisdom In Our Overlooked Energy Centers with Kimberly Schipke, M.S.

Recorded on June 2, 2022

Any practitioner or recipient of energy healing has learned about the concept of chakras, which are the subtle energy centers within the body. Many of us have learned about the seven-chakra system which was first popularized in the 15th century, shaping the way we interact with the subtle energy body.  

However, many practitioners and recipients of energy healing overlook other critical energy centers within the subtle energy body that represent key gateways for healing. These energetic points within the body are places where humans can hold stuck trauma, which can inhibit healing if not properly released. Other overlooked energy centers hold the source of life that provides us the vitality our bodies need to nourish and renew itself.  

In this lecture, Biofield Scientist Kimberly Schipke returns to UPLIFTED HUMAN to share her wisdom about these overlooked energy centers, along with her personal experiences interacting with these areas.  Kimberly will also discuss practices of applying coherent green light from her invention, the SpectroChrome laser, on these overlooked energy centers. It is not necessary to have a SpectroChrome Laser to gain benefit from the discussion, but owners of the laser can engage in real-time experiments. Those who would like to purchase the SpectroChrome Laser at a special discounted rate will receive a promo code upon registering for the recording.  Click here to learn more about SpectroChrome Laser

$30 to access the 90 minute recording. 

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Develop Trust In Your Intuition Using Muscle Testing with Kevin Russell 

Recorded on November 17, 2021

Muscle testing is a means to receive information through our physical body, but many of us don’t know how to recognize and interpret the subtle body cues.

In this free lecture, Consciousness Accelerator & Transformation Specialist Kevin Russell shares his wisdom about muscle testing. He’ll discuss:

  • Muscle Testing as an Intuition Trainer
  • Challenges to muscle testing and how to overcome them
  • The methods of self-inquiry that produce the most accurate results
  • Limitations of muscle testing – what it can and cannot do

Perhaps you’ve tried muscle testing in the past and have not experienced much success in getting accurate information.

Kevin will guide the audience through getting centered/grounded, balancing neurological disorganization, and priming the system for accurate muscle testing.

Access Kevin's Muscle Testing lecture here (Free download)

Kevin expands upon the learnings from his recorded lecture in much greater detail in his self-paced Muscle Testing Program.  This is an in-depth, 18-module class series complete with video tutorials, View the step-by-step details and gain greater confidence in identifying the subtle body cues that hold the answers we seek.  

To receive lifetime access to the program and a 20% discount, click on the golden button below and and enter UPLIFTEDHUMAN as your coupon code at checkout. 

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Kevin Russell is consciousness accelerator who uses energy transformation and subconscious change techniques to rewrite programs and conditioning that keep us stuck in life, providing relief from stress and trauma. As a clairvoyant/intuitive, he also channels hyper-personal directed knowing, messages, and insight to help others expand awareness, release resistance, and reconnect to their innate wholeness. 

He authored a groundbreaking book, Radical Enlightenment: My Guy on the 9th Floor, which was written after a profound enlightenment experience that connected him to his higher, energetic self. It has become a handbook for leveling up consciousness, fulfillment, and connection to your higher-self so you can reach your own state of radical enlightenment. 

For the last 20 years as a UI/UX (User Interface/ User Experience) Designer and Experience Strategist, he specialized in designing creative solutions that guided a user on a journey, through an experience, to an intended outcome.  By coupling the skills he had honed in the design field with what he had learned on his own journey of self-discovery, he realized that he had the keys to guide others at lightning-fast speed. 

His practice guides people through a step-by-step process to experience the self-awareness, self-expansion, and healing that is so deeply needed today for each of us as individuals, and collectively as stewards of our planet.

Visit Kevin's website here

FREE DOWNLOAD: Just the FAQs on Biofield Self-Balancing with Green Light

with Kimberly Schipke and Vernon Nicolas

Recorded on October 26, 2021

Biofield Scientist, Kimberly Schipke, M.S., returns to speak with UPLIFTED HUMAN's Research Director, Vernon Nicolas, to discuss commonly asked questions about the transformative properties of green light and her invention, the SpectroChrome Laser.

Kimberly’s SpectroChrome Laser is based on the research of Dinshah Ghadiali, father of Spectro-Chrome therapy, who developed a technique of using colored light to heal the body.  One one specific color – green – exhibited balancing properties, bringing energy up when the body is under-stimulated and bringing energy down when the body is over-active. 

Many questions have been shared with both Kimberly and Vernon about the proper application of the laser and green light, in general. This interactive discussion will review some of the most common questions, including:

  • How do I know where to place the green light?
  • How long do I shine it for?
  • What time of day should I use it?
  • What am I supposed to be doing/thinking about when shining the green light?
  • Is it more effective to place the laser directly on the skin or can it penetrate through clothing?
  • How can I use this for space clearing?

A short, group meditation will also be conducted.  It is not necessary to have a SpectroChrome Laser to gain benefit from the group meditation, but those with the laser can engage in real-time experiences and practice along.

This session is open to users who would like to share their unique experiences, and non-users who are interested about learning about a new energy hygiene practice.  Key links and information:

If you have any difficulties accessing the recordings, please contact Vernon: [email protected]

Download the free recording here

Kimberly Schipke, M.S. is a biomedical engineer who has been traveling the world and studying the biofield since 2009. She is an international trainer for medical thermal imaging which studies the thermosphere of the body using an infrared camera. Kimberly has been an international trainer for Biofield Tuning which uses coherent sound to study changes in the acoustics of the biofield. She has been studying SpectroChromeMetry for 12 years and has developed the green SpectroChrome Laser which utilizes coherent light on the body and in the biofield to help bring balance. She is the chief scientist at the Biofield Lab and will be sharing her tools to provide a biofield experience with the latest techniques for creating shifts in our human atmosphere. She is also the International Resource Coordinator for the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine. 


Biofield Health and the Five Elements with Kimberly Schipke, M.S.

Recorded on September 29, 2021

The ancient Greeks believed that there were four elements that everything was made up of: earth, water, air, and fire.  These four elements are extremely powerful individually - each has the potential to both nourish and destroy. They also referenced the existence of a fifth basic element – spirit (also described as Aether or Quintessence).       

Many philosophies, religions, and schools of thought have sought to reconcile the significance and interaction between these five elements. Explanations of these elements can be quite esoteric and difficult to grasp.  As a result, many of us fail to take advantage of the ancient wisdom and apply this knowledge in our everyday lives.      

During this live event, Biofield Scientist Kimberly Schipke, M.S. shares her 21st century perspective about each of the different elements and how they contribute to biofield health. You’ll learn:

  • How each of the different elements interact with the body and contribute to biofield health
  • Why and how an imbalance of the elements can actually result in physical death
  • How Kimberly tunes into each of them
  • Regular practices you can integrate into normal daily life for each of the elements

By the end of this event, Kimberly will demystify the ancient wisdom surrounding each of these elements for application in our modern lifestyles. 

$25 to access the 72 minute recording. 

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Biofield Self-Balancing through Coherent Green Light with Kimberly Schipke, M.S.

Recorded on August 11, 2021

Dinshah Ghadiali, father of Spectro-Chrome therapy, developed a technique of using colored light to heal the body.  Only one color exhibited balancing properties, bringing energy up when the body is under-stimulated and bringing energy down when the body is over-active – the color green.  Unlike some other colors in the light spectrum, Ghadiali discovered green light has no contra-indications, suggesting green light provides a valuable energetic supplement.  

Kimberly Schipke, M.S., Biomedical Engineer and Chief Scientist at the Biofield Lab, has integrated Ghadiali’s learnings into her invention -- the SpectroChrome Laser.  In this interactive lecture, participants will learn how to leverage green light to self-balance their biofield whenever and wherever restoration is needed.  It is not necessary to have a SpectroChrome Laser to gain benefit from the discussion, but those with the laser can engage in real-time experiences and practice along, either live or while watching the recording. 

Green light has been demonstrated to:  

  • Promote balance in the pituitary gland that secretes hormones affecting mood and behavior
  • Balance the cerebrum, which is responsible for movement, temperature, touch, hearing, reasoning, judgment, problem solving, learning, and emotions
  • Function as a disinfectant, antiseptic, and rebuilder of muscle and tissue
  • Neutralize emotional traumas

UPLIFTED HUMAN’s Research Director, Vernon Nicolas, will also share his personal experiences with using the green light and discuss other creative applications of the laser to promote basic energy hygiene.

Key links and information:

If you have any difficulties accessing the recordings, please contact Vernon: [email protected]

Download the free recording here

Demystifying the Biofield with Kimberly Schipke


Recorded on June 30, 2021

In 2009, a health crisis led biomedical engineer, Kimberly Schipke, into the world of energy medicine.  Kimberly was subjected to tests costing thousands of dollars that failed to yield any clear answers or solutions to address her health conditions.  In a quest to find the answers that her physicians could not give her, Kimberly discovered how to work with the biofield to advance wellbeing in herself and others.

Under the guidance and mentorship of nuclear and astrophysicist, Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and Dr. Valerie Hunt, author of “Infinite Mind,” Kimberly developed a deep understanding of what the biofield is and how we can work with it from a physics-based perspective.  From this learning, Kimberly invented the SpectroChrome Laser, a physics-based tool that utilizes coherent light on the body and in the biofield to bring it into balance.

In this recorded event, you’ll learn:

  • What the biofield is
  • How you can explain and articulate the biofield in relatable, laymen’s terms, enhancing your credibility with others
  • How to neutralize the charge of unresolved trauma without needing to bring trauma to the surface
  • How to bring organs, bones, teeth, or tissues back into a state of balance

Known for being a natural teacher, Kimberly has been invited to present at various conferences worldwide to explain the biofield to a wide range of audiences.  Kimberly will review how a physics-based approach to well-being can shift the morphic field of the planet. Learn how biofield technologies such as the SpectroChrome Laser has served as a catalyst of transformation.   

$25 to access the 90 minute recording. 

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Conversations with Brittany: Finding Your Crystal Match

with Brittany Devon 


Recorded on April 23, 2021

In celebration of Earth Day, join Brittany Devon as she shares her wisdom and expertise in selecting, purchasing, and working with earth’s natural gifts – crystals.

As owner of the online business Crystal Alignment, Brittany demonstrates a unique talent of finding homes for specific crystals with their rightful caretakers – acting as a Crystal Matchmaker!  Since childhood, Brittany has long been collecting and working with crystals, honing her ability to connect and tap into their wisdom that most others fail to recognize.  

She will guide you through meditations and intentions that will help you start or grow your personal collection. If you’ve ever considered purchasing crystals online, Brittany will provide key guidelines to avoid the major pitfalls associated with online purchasing.  

During this interactive discussion, Brittany will address the following topics: 

  • How to select crystals through an intuitively guided process
  • Determine whether raw or polished crystals are best suited for you
  • The role and influence of shapes
  • How to purchase in person vs. online
  • How to tell if you’re being overcharged
  • What crystals to watch out for – if they are real or lab made
  • Which crystals you absolutely cannot get wet

Brittany will also discuss running circuit energy of crystals through your body, the importance of ethical mining considerations, and their metaphysical properties. 

Join Brittany in a short meditation to ground into the Earth energy of these magical gifts, and see how they bring out the magic in you!  

$30 to access the 84 minute recording. 

Find Brittany on Instagram here: @Crystal_Alignment 

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The Power of Quartz Crystals with Brittany Devon


Recorded on October 14, 2021

Quartz is said to be the most powerful crystal. It’s no wonder it’s found in watches, clocks, radios, televisions, computers, cell phones, and GPS equipment.  Quartz is everywhere and is readily accessible, but are we taking full advantage of what it can do for us?

Step into the mineral world with crystal matchmaker Brittany Devon, as she helps you demystify the never-ending world of quartz.  During this event, you’ll learn:

  • What inclusions are, how quartz amplifies them, and why this matters in magnifying your energy
  • How the wisdom of ancient civilizations is actually stored in quartz, and what you can do to access it
  • How to use quartz to magnify your intuition and aid in your own personal healing and evolution

$35 to access the 87 minute recording. 

Find Brittany on Instagram here: @Crystal_Alignment 

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Create Your Life's Roadmap with Dreamwork featuring Adriana Galvan 


Recorded on August 26, 2021

Dreams have long played a major role in altering the course of Adriana’s life. In her dreams, Adriana met future life partners, reconnected with loved ones that have passed over, and gave her creative inspiration to fulfill her passion for writing. 

Re-reading her dream journals after undergoing several major life stages and transitions, Adriana realized that her dreams were encrypted with messages that served as a compass for the next step in her life.  She realized that our dreams contain valuable information that can support our pursuit of happiness – if we know how to decode those messages.    

During this interactive lecture, Adriana will discuss the steps that empower us to be active participants in our dream world. She will discuss: 

  • How to determine whether a dream is more symbolic or a premonition of events to come
  • How to use specific crystals in order to have deeper, more profound dreams
  • Supplemental tools you can use to extract and interpret the wisdom from your dreams
  • How dreams can shape the direction of your relationships, career, or a creative project

During this event, you will:

  • Understand how to set intentions before you sleep and remember your dreams, so you can take action from them when you’re awake
  • Learn how to make meaning from recurring themes and patterns in your dreams
  • Discover the proper applications of crystals to extract greater value from your dreamwork   

Whether the messages of our dreams come from our imagination, our higher self, or even spirit guides, they can serve as a roadmap for our life if we bring a willingness to engage with an open-mind. 

$25 to access the 70 minute recording. 

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About Adriana: 

Adriana Galvan is a writer, artist, and certified crystal therapy practitioner. Dreams have served as an escape for Adriana since enduring a difficult childhood, leading her to a life of creative pursuits. As an Akashic Records practitioner, she also integrates wisdom from Shamanic Studies, Dreamwork Exploration, and other energy healing disciplines to provide an empathic, intuitive perspective for her clients. Adriana currently owns and operates Cosmic Earth Healing, an online boutique with intuitively designed and reiki infused gemstone bracelets. 

Harness the Power of Essential Oils with Linda Schultz

Neutralize COVID-19's Energetic Effects on your mental and emotional well-being


Recorded on January 13, 2021

Many of us have essential oils in our homes, but we don’t always have clarity on how best to use them. As we experience the effects of COVID-19 on our mental and emotional well-being, certified aromatherapist Linda Schultz will demonstrate how to harness the power of essential oils to help us navigate these unprecedented times. Linda will share her objective perspective on the following topics:

  • What to look for when evaluating the quality of essential oils (e.g., cost, label, company)
  • A critical review of the websites of major essential oil providers
  • The science behind why essential oils work for humans
  • The mental health effects of COVID-19 and how they affect our energy centers (i.e., chakras)
  • Why a one size fits all approach to the application of essential oils isn’t optimal
  • How to safely apply essential oils
  • The benefits of common essential oils and their relationships to specific chakras
  • Case studies that illustrate the power of integrating biofield analysis with focused and intentional essential oil applications

Linda’s insights can help you gain a better return on your essential oil investments, and she can help you make more intelligent and informed decisions regarding their practical application. During this interactive event, Linda will also field your questions and help you rediscover the power to neutralize the mental and emotional challenges from COVID-19.   

Read Linda's bio here

$39 to access the 91 minute recording. 

Click to purchase "Harness the Power of Essential Oils" recording