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Sound Healing with Jana Scalzitti

Begins 6:30 PM CST (7:30 PM EST; 4:30 PM PST)

November 29 (Monday)

Note: Recording available for download if you are unable to attend live

*Please bring headphones

The gong and sound therapy has been used for centuries as a tool for healing.  The benefits of vibrational and sound healing can create: a deep state of relaxation to release stress, calm the nervous system and repair the body.  These vibrations can also help to clear blocks in the body or to achieve heightened clarity.  Sound therapy can balance: the chakras, glandular system and meridians of the body.  Achieving ultimate relaxation can provide clear thoughts and vision in a time when our bodies, minds and spirits crave balance.

During class, allow the healing sound and vibration of the gong and singing bowls to wash over your body and mind for healing and total relaxation.  Class starts with light breath work and progressive relaxation to prepare the body and mind for a sound bath from the gong and Tibetan singing bowls.  Upon completion of the journey, you will gently be brought back to complete the class with a short meditation.   

$25. Special rate of $45 when registering for the Sound Healing and New Moon Manifestation class in the same month. Event is ~60 minutes. Zoom link provided upon registration. 

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New Moon Manifestation Workshop with Jana Scalzitti

Begins 6:30 PM CST (7:30 PM EST; 4:30 PM PST)

December 6 (Monday)

NOTE: Recording of this event will be made available for all registrants who are unable to attend live.

Please bring headphones & a journal

What would you like to manifest in your life? Harness the power of the new moon to bring your intentions and desires into fruition! This workshop includes intention, sound therapy, (the gong and singing bowls) and meditation to set the energy to help you get in touch with and identify your true heart's desires.   Start with meditation for identification and intention setting to deeper clarity of purpose and progression to your desires.   A guided meditation using the gong will then elevate and support with the energy to lock in your intentions. 

$25. Special rate of $45 when registering for the Sound Healing and New Moon Manifestation class in the same month. Event is ~60 minutes. Zoom link provided upon registration. 

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Creative Consciousness Circles with Shana Pearlmutter

December’s Circle - Threads of Love, Leaps of Faith

Begins 3 PM CST (4 PM EST; 1 PM PST)

December 12 (Sunday)

NOTE: Recording of this event will be made available for all registrants who are unable to attend live.

Creative Arts Director Shana Pearlmutter leads a Creative Consciousness Circle that enables you to clear and heal suppressed emotion and unleash your power as a wayshower for the paradigm shift we sense is unfolding. 

Shana will open the session with indigenous council practices, reviewing the 4 main council guidelines, sharing the essence of finding Interbeing. Shana starts with mindful intention setting involving our many senses, flowing into the process of identifying what needs to be expressed, seen and released.

Tapping into the innate, Shana will introduce you to the work of self-taught fiber artist, Judith Scott. After spending 35 years locked away in an institution, Scott blossomed transcendent fiber art that vocalized and embodied her triumphant story. You will be guided through a series of art exercises and invited to create a sculptural, healing totem that will provide a visual and physical representation of what is needing to be witnessed, expressed, and healed to carry your creative momentum into the next Creative Consciousness Circle.

For the best experience, please have: a variety of wrapping materials (rubber bands, twistie ties and multiple colors of yarn or string, sheets of paper, drawing tool and coloring materials).  If art materials are unavailable, you can also design your sculpture using Google Drawing, or draw it by hand.

Experience the transformative power that healing art can provide when art is made from our hearts and souls, with no care of what others think. You will leave the event woven into a council community, connecting to the parts of your DNA that longs for a shared, loving and safe collective experience.

More about Shana’s Creative Consciousness Circles:

Allow Shana to guide you through her monthly Creative Consciousness Circles, where she gives you the space to express your inner potential, rest and slow down, and receive messages from our guides.  These circles are designed to bring forth your dreams and personal power. You will learn and practice the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Native Council as honored and taught by Circle Ways, participate in guided journeys, and design and build artistic pieces that become 3D tools to help you embody your brilliance. Showing up for yourself, the practice, and your witness is important -- you are a vital part of the artistic talking circle.  A circle cannot exist without equal parts being held in 360 degrees! Your ancestors held guiding circles around a fire, sharing hopes, losses and testaments! Come join the sacred hoop.

Read Shana's bio here

$30. Event is ~90 minutes. Zoom link provided upon registration. 

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