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Activating Your Personal Power via Soundsuits with Shana Pearlmutter

Begins 3:30 PM CST (4:30 PM EST; 1:30 PM PST)

June 20 (Sunday)

NOTE: Recording of this event will be made available for all registrants who are unable to attend live.

Identify the aspects of yourself you may have devalued or discarded, but when repurposed, rejuvenate you and give your life new meaning

Join Shana Pearlmutter, Creative Arts Educator & Transformational Guide, as she leads you to explore the powerful work of Chicago based artist, Nick Cave and his symbolic Soundsuits.  Under Shana’s guidance, you will create and design your own, personalized totemic Soundsuit. 

Soundsuits are physical “second skins” that allow you the freedom to look at your own self through a lens without judgment. During this interactive and guided Playshop, you’ll honor and transmute the external masks you wear that hold you back from embodying your true essence and purpose. 

Soundsuits are often made with materials that have been devalued and discarded, but repurposed and given a new role and meaning. Your totemic Soundsuit can be stitched, woven, painted, drawn, or described...3-dimensionally, 2-dimensionally, or even digitally.  

Shana will transport you on a guided journey and hold the sacred space for you to: 

  • Meet your inner artist ally to aid you in designing your totem piece
  • Release programming and conditioning from the metaphorical masks you’ve previously been wearing 
  • Activate your inner voice and self-expression through movement and sound 
  • Express aspects of yourself that can’t be explained in words, but ache to be expressed in a physical form  
  • Rediscover deeper meaning and value about aspects of yourself you may have dismissed or overlooked  

June’s Playshop is inspired by the research from “The Body Holds The Score” by Bessel Van Der Kolk and “When The Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress” by Dr. Gabor Mates. 

Shapeshift the change you want to see in the world! With Reiki and the Akashic Records open for the group, Shana will lead you through a series of soulful activities to spark inner expression, grounding, a guided meditation, art and reflection. You will create a physical manifestation of your witness to your tremendous inner wisdom, self-acclimation, showing your authentic self fearlessly, allowing your higher self to project the plan for your best foot forward.

Instructions on what materials to bring to this playshop will be shared with you upon registration.  

Read Shana's bio here

$25. Event is ~90 minutes. Zoom link provided upon registration. 

Activate Your Power via Your Soundsuit with Shana

Full Moon Meditation with Vernon Nicolas

Begins 6:30 PM CST (7:30 PM EST; 4:30 PM PST)

June 24 (Thursday)

Every month's full moon meditation features Meditation on Twin Hearts, an advanced technique aimed at achieving illumination or universal consciousness. It is non-denominational and practiced by tens of thousands worldwide. The Meditation on Twin Hearts is extraordinary in its simplicity and has demonstrated amazing and dramatic results. The meditation is intended to raise one's vibrations towards higher states of awareness and expanded levels of consciousness.  Research has demonstrated neurophysiological, psychological, sociological and psycho-spiritual benefits from the Meditation on Twin Hearts. Blessing the earth with loving-kindness, peace and goodwill following the Meditation on Twin Hearts can be done by a group as a form of world service. The effectiveness of the blessing is magnified many times more when done as a group rather than as an individual. To learn more about the research and benefits of this meditation, find the Featured Resources section here: 

Free to attend, but registration required. Event is 60 minutes. Zoom link provided upon registration.  

Register for the Full Moon Meditation with Vernon

Sound Healing with Jana Scalzitti

Begins 6:30 PM CST (7:30 PM EST; 4:30 PM PST)

June 29 (Tuesday)

Note: Recording available for download if you are unable to attend live

*Please bring headphones

The gong and sound therapy has been used for centuries as a tool for healing.  The benefits of vibrational and sound healing can create: a deep state of relaxation to release stress, calm the nervous system and repair the body.  These vibrations can also help to clear blocks in the body or to achieve heightened clarity.  Sound therapy can balance: the chakras, glandular system and meridians of the body.  Achieving ultimate relaxation can provide clear thoughts and vision in a time when our bodies, minds and spirits crave balance.

During class, allow the healing sound and vibration of the gong and singing bowls to wash over your body and mind for healing and total relaxation.  Class starts with light breath work and progressive relaxation to prepare the body and mind for a sound bath from the gong and Tibetan singing bowls.  Upon completion of the journey, you will gently be brought back to complete the class with a short meditation.   

$25. Special rate of $45 when registering for the Sound Healing and New Moon Manifestation class in the same month. Event is ~60 minutes. Zoom link provided upon registration. 

Register for Sound Healing with Jana-June 2021

Demystifying the Biofield with Kimberly Schipke

Begins 6 PM CST (7 PM EST)

June 30 (Wednesday)

Note: Recording available for download if you are unable to attend live

In 2009, a health crisis led biomedical engineer, Kimberly Schipke, into the world of energy medicine.  Kimberly was subjected to tests costing thousands of dollars that failed to yield any clear answers or solutions to address her health conditions.  In a quest to find the answers that her physicians could not give her, Kimberly discovered how to work with the biofield to advance wellbeing in herself and others.

Under the guidance and mentorship of nuclear and astrophysicist, Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and Dr. Valerie Hunt, author of “Infinite Mind,” Kimberly developed a deep understanding of what the biofield is and how we can work with it from a physics-based perspective.  From this learning, Kimberly invented the SpectroChrome Laser, a physics-based tool that utilizes coherent light on the body and in the biofield to bring it into balance.

In this live event, you’ll learn:

  • What the biofield is
  • How you can explain and articulate the biofield in relatable, laymen’s terms, enhancing your credibility with others
  • How to neutralize the charge of unresolved trauma without needing to bring trauma to the surface
  • How to bring organs, bones, teeth, or tissues back into a state of balance

Known for being a natural teacher, Kimberly has been invited to present at various conferences worldwide to explain the biofield to a wide range of audiences.  Kimberly will review how a physics-based approach to well-being can shift the morphic field of the planet. Learn how biofield technologies such as the SpectroChrome Laser has served as a catalyst of transformation.   

$25. Event is ~60 minutes. Zoom link provided upon registration.  

Register for Demystifying the Biofield with Kimberly

Kimberly Schipke, M.S. is a biomedical engineer who has been traveling the world and studying the biofield since 2009. She is an international trainer for medical thermal imaging which studies the thermosphere of the body using an infrared camera. Kimberly has been an international trainer for Biofield Tuning which uses coherent sound to study changes in the acoustics of the biofield. She has been studying SpectroChromeMetry for 12 years and has developed the green SpectroChrome Laser which utilizes coherent light on the body and in the biofield to help bring balance. She is the chief scientist at the Biofield Lab and will be sharing her tools to provide a biofield experience with the latest techniques for creating shifts in our human atmosphere. She is also the International Resource Coordinator for the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine. 


Re-Parenting Yourself with Brittany Devon 

Begins 6:30 PM CST (7:30 PM EST)

July 1 (Thursday)

NOTE: Recording of this event will be made available for all registrants who are unable to attend live.

Growing up, Brittany Devon witnessed her father’s battle with Alzheimer’s, enduring the slow and difficult process of watching her parent become unable to take care of himself.  Soon after his passing, one of Brittany’s worst fears materialized - her mother passing away. In a lifestage where Brittany was still finding herself and her place in this world, she learned what it meant to be an Adult Orphan. 

Struggling with the pain and grief of her parents’ passing, Brittany re-evaluated her life.  She realized that her behaviors and life choices were heavily influenced by what she learned from her parents, both consciously and subconsciously.  In order to live the life she always desired, she needed to become a parent to her own self in order to reclaim her power and redefine a new direction.

Brittany recognized that the life lessons she learned as an Adult Orphan are universal for anyone seeking greater fulfillment and new direction in their lives.  In this interactive, live event, Brittany will guide you through the process of becoming a parent to yourself.  Re-parenting yourself is a beneficial practice for anyone who:

  • Questions their own self-worth or life purpose
  • Lacks clarity about their true gifts and talents
  • Seeks to reclaim lost parts of their childhood
  • Struggles to differentiate the parental voices in your head from your true, inner voice

By the end of this event, you will understand how to:

  • Rewrite any parental conditioning holding you back from deeper life fulfillment
  • Access the wisdom of your inner child, whenever you need it
  • Elevate your inner transformation with specific crystals that can support you energetically

As a crystal matchmaker, Brittany will intuitively connect participants with the crystal(s) that will advance your personal growth and transformation.  

ABOUT BRITTANY: Brittany Devon hosts the podcast, Adult Orphan, which chronicles how she manages life in a world without parents. Dealing with the family estate, grief of traumatic loss, and everything in between, Adult Orphan advances honest conversation about the healing and growth when we endure beyond our stories.

$30. Event is ~90 minutes. Zoom link provided upon registration. 

Register for Re-Parenting Yourself with Brittany

Seeing the Unseen: Lessons from Spirit Guides with Winter Vega


Winter Vega first recognized her mediumship abilities at age 3, when she began conversing with a man that her parents could neither see nor hear. As Winter grew older, her experiences with spirits intensified as she saw them everywhere, reinforcing these weren’t imaginary friends or figments of her imagination. As mentors validated her mediumship talents, she developed a deeper understanding of how to sense, connect with, and communicate with spirit guides, as well as those that have passed over. 

Winter will share how she developed and cultivated an awareness and openness to communicate with spirit guides. She’ll discuss this whole other realm of reality that exists, how she discovered it, and how she navigates with a world that most of us can neither see nor hear. Winter will share eye-opening stories from her personal experience that redefine what we know about reality, and what it means for you -- as you navigate the challenges of the human experience.

Spirit guides are eager to communicate with us if we simply let them in. Get to know Winter, as she serves as a gateway to convey messages of hope, validation, and guidance.

Read Winter's bio here

$25 to access the recording.  E-mail [email protected] for access to the link.

Click here to book a private 60 minute session w/Winter

Conversations with Brittany: Finding Your Crystal Match

with Brittany Devon 


In celebration of Earth Day, join Brittany Devon as she shares her wisdom and expertise in selecting, purchasing, and working with earth’s natural gifts – crystals.

As owner of the online business Crystal Alignment, Brittany demonstrates a unique talent of finding homes for specific crystals with their rightful caretakers – acting as a Crystal Matchmaker!  Since childhood, Brittany has long been collecting and working with crystals, honing her ability to connect and tap into their wisdom that most others fail to recognize.  

She will guide you through meditations and intentions that will help you start or grow your personal collection. If you’ve ever considered purchasing crystals online, Brittany will provide key guidelines to avoid the major pitfalls associated with online purchasing.  

During this interactive discussion, Brittany will address the following topics: 

  • How to select crystals through an intuitively guided process
  • Determine whether raw or polished crystals are best suited for you
  • The role and influence of shapes
  • How to purchase in person vs. online
  • How to tell if you’re being overcharged
  • What crystals to watch out for – if they are real or lab made
  • Which crystals you absolutely cannot get wet

Brittany will also discuss running circuit energy of crystals through your body, the importance of ethical mining considerations, and their metaphysical properties. 

Come with a crystal or two, join Brittany for a short meditation to ground into the Earth energy of these magical gifts, and see how they bring out the magic in you!  Brittany will entertain all questions in this interactive evening!

$30 to access the 90 minute recording. E-mail [email protected] for access to the link.

Find Brittany on Instagram here: @Crystal_Alignment 

Harness the Power of Essential Oils with Linda Schultz

Neutralize COVID-19's Energetic Effects on your mental and emotional well-being


Many of us have essential oils in our homes, but we don’t always have clarity on how best to use them. As we experience the effects of COVID-19 on our mental and emotional well-being, certified aromatherapist Linda Schultz will demonstrate how to harness the power of essential oils to help us navigate these unprecedented times. Linda will share her objective perspective on the following topics:

  • What to look for when evaluating the quality of essential oils (e.g., cost, label, company)
  • A critical review of the websites of major essential oil providers
  • The science behind why essential oils work for humans
  • The mental health effects of COVID-19 and how they affect our energy centers (i.e., chakras)
  • Why a one size fits all approach to the application of essential oils isn’t optimal
  • How to safely apply essential oils
  • The benefits of common essential oils and their relationships to specific chakras
  • Case studies that illustrate the power of integrating biofield analysis with focused and intentional essential oil applications

Linda’s insights can help you gain a better return on your essential oil investments, and she can help you make more intelligent and informed decisions regarding their practical application. During this interactive event, Linda will also field your questions and help you rediscover the power to neutralize the mental and emotional challenges from COVID-19.   

Read Linda's bio here

$39 to access the 90 minute recording. E-mail [email protected] for access to the link.