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Sound Healing with Jana Scalzitti

Begins 6:30 PM CST (7:30 PM EST; 4:30 PM PST)

September 27 (Monday)

Note: Recording available for download if you are unable to attend live

*Please bring headphones

The gong and sound therapy has been used for centuries as a tool for healing.  The benefits of vibrational and sound healing can create: a deep state of relaxation to release stress, calm the nervous system and repair the body.  These vibrations can also help to clear blocks in the body or to achieve heightened clarity.  Sound therapy can balance: the chakras, glandular system and meridians of the body.  Achieving ultimate relaxation can provide clear thoughts and vision in a time when our bodies, minds and spirits crave balance.

During class, allow the healing sound and vibration of the gong and singing bowls to wash over your body and mind for healing and total relaxation.  Class starts with light breath work and progressive relaxation to prepare the body and mind for a sound bath from the gong and Tibetan singing bowls.  Upon completion of the journey, you will gently be brought back to complete the class with a short meditation.   

$25. Special rate of $45 when registering for the Sound Healing and New Moon Manifestation class in the same month. Event is ~60 minutes. Zoom link provided upon registration. 

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Biofield Health and the Five Elements with Kimberly Schipke, M.S.

Begins 6 PM CST (7 PM EST; 5 PM PST)

September 29 (Wednesday)

The ancient Greeks believed that there were four elements that everything was made up of: earth, water, air, and fire.  These four elements are extremely powerful individually - each has the potential to both nourish and destroy. They also referenced the existence of a fifth basic element – spirit (also described as Aether or Quintessence).       

Many philosophies, religions, and schools of thought have sought to reconcile the significance and interaction between these five elements. Explanations of these elements can be quite esoteric and difficult to grasp.  As a result, many of us fail to take advantage of the ancient wisdom and apply this knowledge in our everyday lives.      

During this live event, Biofield Scientist Kimberly Schipke, M.S. shares her 21st century perspective about each of the different elements and how they contribute to biofield health. You’ll learn:

  • How each of the different elements interact with the body and contribute to biofield health
  • Why and how an imbalance of the elements can actually result in physical death
  • How Kimberly tunes into each of them
  • Regular practices you can integrate into normal daily life for each of the elements

By the end of this event, Kimberly will demystify the ancient wisdom surrounding each of these elements for application in our modern lifestyles. 

$25. Event is ~60 minutes, but allow for extra time depending on Q&A. Zoom link provided upon registration.  The meeting will be recorded for all registrants unable to attend live

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The Power of Quartz Crystals with Brittany Devon 

Begins 6:30 PM CST (7:30 PM EST; 5:30 PM PST)

October 14 (Thursday)

Quartz is said to be the most powerful crystal. It’s no wonder it’s found in watches, clocks, radios, televisions, computers, cell phones, and GPS equipment.  Quartz is everywhere and is readily accessible, but are we taking full advantage of what it can do for us? 

Step into the mineral world with crystal matchmaker Brittany Devon, as she helps you demystify the never-ending world of quartz.  During this event, you’ll learn: 

  • What inclusions are, how quartz amplifies them, and why this matters in magnifying your energy
  • How the wisdom of ancient civilizations is actually stored in quartz, and what you can do to access it
  • How to use quartz to magnify your intuition and aid in your own personal healing and evolution
  • The specific intuition exercise you can apply to guide you to what quartz crystal is best for you 

Brittany will guide you through a brief meditation that will help you get the most out of quartz.  This session will be both informational and interactive, and you are highly encouraged to come with questions and share your personal experiences! 

BONUS FOR LIVE ATTENDEES: Each participant during the live event will be given an opportunity to get a personalized crystal match, based on your unique responses for Brittany. 

$35. Event is ~60 minutes, but allow for extra 15 minutes for personalized crystal matching, Q&A, and conversation.  Zoom link provided upon registration. The meeting will be recorded for all registrants unable to attend live. 

Find Brittany on Instagram here: @Crystal_Alignment 

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An Evening of Spirit Guide Connections with Winter Vega

Begins 7 PM CST (8 PM EST; 5 PM PST)

October 15 (Friday)

If you could have a direct line to your spirit guides, who would show up for you?  What specific messages of hope, guidance, or validation will they share for where you’re at in your life? 

Join Medium Winter Vega for an intimate conversation full of personalized messages from your spirit guides.  Winter will begin the evening by “tuning-in” to each participant and establishing a clear connection.  Once the connection is made, Winter will describe who’s currently with you. Each individual can ask a unique question to their guide or have Winter communicate what it is your guide(s) want you to know.  

After individual messages are shared, each of the spirit guides are invited to interact with each other during a roundtable conversation.  When a group of people get together to connect with their spirit guides, synchronicities happen. Messages directed towards one person are often directly applicable for others.  It is an evening full of divine orchestrations.      

In order for everyone to have an opportunity to receive personalized interaction, this event is limited to a maximum of 8 registrants. 

$40. Event is ~75 minutes. Zoom link provided upon registration.  No refunds for cancellations due to limited enrollment.  

 Read Winter's bio here

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Full Moon Meditation with Vernon Nicolas

Begins 6:30 PM CST (7:30 PM EST; 4:30 PM PST)

October 20 (Wednesday)

Every month's full moon meditation features Meditation on Twin Hearts, an advanced technique aimed at achieving illumination or universal consciousness. It is non-denominational and practiced by tens of thousands worldwide. The Meditation on Twin Hearts is extraordinary in its simplicity and has demonstrated amazing and dramatic results. The meditation is intended to raise one's vibrations towards higher states of awareness and expanded levels of consciousness.  Research has demonstrated neurophysiological, psychological, sociological and psycho-spiritual benefits from the Meditation on Twin Hearts. Blessing the earth with loving-kindness, peace and goodwill following the Meditation on Twin Hearts can be done by a group as a form of world service. The effectiveness of the blessing is magnified many times more when done as a group rather than as an individual. To learn more about the research and benefits of this meditation, find the Featured Resources section here: 

Free to attend, but registration required. Event is 60 minutes. Zoom link provided upon registration.  

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