November 2020 Feature

Making It Real: The Banana Experiment with Phil Florczak

Unusual Abilities of Energy Healers

A Green Banana

Phil Florczak, UPLIFTED HUMAN's resident Bengston therapist, purchased a fresh, green banana at his local grocery store, with the intent to understand what happens to it when he applies the Bengston Energy Healing method to it. (Full disclosure: this banana is for illustrative purposes, it is not the same banana shown in the other pictures)

Applying the Bengston Energy Method to the Banana

Phil held the banana for several minutes, as if it were receiving a Bengston Energy Healing treatment. He then put it aside and allowed the banana to undergo its natural ripening process. Instead of becoming a mushy, smelly mess, the pulp of the banana became solid like wood. The banana has remained this way for several years. While it's unclear why the banana does not rot, this demonstrates that something tangible and real happened.

Can energy be stored in physical material?

Applying the Bengston Energy Method to Sterilized Cotton

In his energy healing workshop, Dr. Bengston discusses experiments conducted by Dr. Bernard Grad, a McGill University Professor who is also known as the Father of Healing Research. Grad's experiments demonstrated that energy could be stored in physical material, like cotton. Applying this knowledge, Phil treated the cotton as if were receiving the treatment, and then he taped bits of cotton to both ends of another green banana.

"Charged Cotton" transforms the banana

Phil put the banana aside and allowed the banana to undergo its natural ripening process. Just like the other banana he treated with physical touch, the pulp of the banana with the charged cotton became solid like wood. The banana has remained this way for several years. Even though this raises many questions about what is happening and what it all means, it is another demonstration that energy is made real. 

So what? People that wear the same piece of clothing (e.g., shawl, hat, shirt) when meditating or doing any type of energy healing work may continue to reap benefits of the practice long after it is finished, simply by wearing the clothing.

Next time you do your favorite meditation, find your go-to shawl, hat, shirt. When you wear that clothing, you'll reconnect back to the energy of the practice. Energy is real, let’s use it to our advantage. 

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