Adventures in Remote Viewing: Operational Horse Race Handicapping

Apr 27, 2023

Shane Ivie is a remote viewer that developed a protocol to identify the “Optimum Winning Horse” for horse races.  The “Optimum Winning Horse” isn’t necessarily defined as the horse that crosses the finish line first. Instead, the “Optimum Winning Horse” is a horse that finishes first, second, or third, but delivers the largest payout among the top three finishing horses. In many instances, a longshot horse that finishes in third place pays back a higher return on investment than a favorite that wins the race.  Understanding how to select the “Optimum Winning Horse” can be a more lucrative and safer bet, especially for amateur and occasional handicappers.

Shane published his...

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A successful group intention experiment

Aug 21, 2022

I’m excited to share with you results of an experiment I conducted during UPLIFTED HUMAN's August 2022 Full Moon Meditation. Before the meditation, I asked the group to form an intention to influence the output of a Random Event Generator (REG). 

The purpose of the experiment was to understand how the energy created as a group influences the outcome of random events. In other words, how strong is “mind over matter” when we blend our energies in synchronous ways?

For those unfamiliar with an REG, it is simply an electronic coin flipper that spits out a series of numbers 1s and 0s, just like heads or tails on a coin.  Mathematically, the law of averages indicate that when you flip a coin thousands of...

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The Revitalizing Power of Sound

Dec 05, 2020

You know that depleted feeling you get during a busy day, when you still have things to do and wish you could feel more focused and re-energized - without resorting to caffeine or other short-term, unhealthy solutions?  Learn more about the revitalizing power of sound below.

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  • A well-crafted and thoughtfully orchestrated sound bath can significantly advance your energy hygiene, just like taking a physical shower.
  • With good energy hygiene, you’ll be able to do more with less effort because you'll be a clearer, more conductive energy channel. 
  • The impact of sound can be measured and visually depicted through technology developed by biophysicists that are making the invisible, visible. 


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You never forget your first...

Nov 28, 2020

I’ll never forget my first…spoon bending experience.

The story below explains what happened, and I'll discuss what it taught me about shaping reality. For those in a rush, here are your Digestible Downloads: 

  • We have conditioning and invisible scripts that create the reality we experience. Unless we acknowledge and let go of those scripts, our reality will not change.
  • We can’t always achieve significant transformations in isolation. When we allow ourselves to receive support from others, it helps us get out of our own way. 
  • The process of shaping reality involves connecting, commanding, and releasing/surrendering, but it’s easier said than done. There’s an art and science to this...
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