The Revitalizing Power of Sound

Dec 05, 2020

You know that depleted feeling you get during a busy day, when you still have things to do and wish you could feel more focused and re-energized - without resorting to caffeine or other short-term, unhealthy solutions?  Learn more about the revitalizing power of sound below.

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  • A well-crafted and thoughtfully orchestrated sound bath can significantly advance your energy hygiene, just like taking a physical shower.
  • With good energy hygiene, you’ll be able to do more with less effort because you'll be a clearer, more conductive energy channel. 
  • The impact of sound can be measured and visually depicted through technology developed by biophysicists that are making the invisible, visible. 

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Jana Scalzitti, UPLIFTED HUMAN’s resident sound therapist, helps anyone who's feeling down, depressed, stressed, or frazzled revitalize themselves through the power of her sound orchestrations.

Jana has crafted a unique sound experience that quiets the monkey mind and restores your energetic balance. Jana’s sound healing is a form of energy hygiene that doesn’t require much effort on your part, other than to allow yourself to relax and listen with a pair of headphones. What makes it even more powerful is that it’s an opportunity to enjoy a live, shared group experience where you can feel connected to yourself and others.  

In January and March of 2012, Vernon conducted experiments to examine the change in his energy field before and after Jana’s sound healing sessions. Vernon captured, measured, and analyzed energy field changes using a technique called GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization), which was developed by Russian Biophysicist, Konstanin Korotkov.  Learn more about GDV Biofield Analysis here

The energy field pictures demonstrate how much Jana’s sound sessions increased Vernon’s energy field (by 36.2% in January and 19.6% in March). Visually note how the gaps in the energy field start to fill in.

Rather than feel depleted and scattered, Vernon was able to get his body out of flight or fight mode and boosted his energetic endurance to manage his stressors.  

These next pictures demonstrate how his chakras snap back into alignment, allowing him to be a more conductive and clear channel.

It's perfectly normal during the day to feel stressed. When you make regular energetic investments in yourself, the benefits compound over time, just like the growth you would see in a low-cost index fund.

With good energy hygiene, you’ll be able to do more with less effort. 

When you're a clear, conductive energetic channel, you put yourself in prime position to make it real.



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