What is GDV Biofield Analysis?

This is an interactive consultation that makes your invisible energy field visible. The session uncovers the hidden messages in your biofield and how they impact your life. The session is based on the theory that light is consciousness made visible. The analysis is viewed through a psycho-neuroimmunological lens, focusing on how beliefs, thoughts, and emotions influence our bodily systems and functioning.

The analysis uses advanced, computerized kirlian technology developed by Russian Biophysicist, Konstantin Korotkov.  GDV is the acronym for Gas Discharge Visualization, a technique used to capture, measure, and analyze energy changes. 

Benefits of a GDV Biofield Analysis

  • Discover how your thoughts/feelings about specific situations affect your energy field, and what to do about it
  • Identify energetic root causes behind physical challenges or emotional stuckness that you're navigating 
  • Accelerate self-healing response through awareness of underlying root causes
  • Gain validation about your energy practices
  • Observe your energetic sensitivity and how to manage it
  • Examine your chakra response patterns and how that impacts your life

When to consider a GDV Biofield Analysis

A GDV Biofield Analysis is particularly beneficial for: 

  • People that want to go beyond treating the symptoms and uncover possible energetic root causes 
  • Energy workers who want a deeper understanding of how to practice better energy hygiene 
  • Curiosity seekers who want awareness and understanding of the energetic impact of life situations and how to manage them better
  • Bonded pairs or couples that want to know their energetic impact on each other

How a session is conducted

Using Korotkov's GDV Pro Camera, Vernon captures the quantity and quality of the gas discharge around your fingertips.  These images are processed by proprietary software that visually shows and quantifies a person's energy field. Vernon analyzes a series of energy snapshots in order to uncover consistent themes and patterns. He then interprets the photos and discusses what it means for you. Vernon brings nearly 10 years of experience reading and analyzing GDV photos. 

Fingertip glows reveal hidden messages in our energy fields

Different sectors of each finger correspond to different organs, bodily systems, and chakras. 

Specific emotions influence the quantity and quality of glow in the fingertip sector associated with an organ or bodily system.

Example: Unresolved anger and resentment impacts the glow associated with the fingertip area corresponding to the liver.

By gaining awareness of energetic root causes, you can address them and accelerate your self-healing response.

Interested in a GDV Biofield Analysis? Send me questions!

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